Monday, 28 June 2010

Quite important proposal stuff!

Sorry for the two consecutive posts! Here is a request:

In order to take the proposal further, I'd like to construct a list of all the artists involved, with a brief profile. So could everybody please email me at with one image which you feel represents your artistic practice, and a brief paragraph about what you do and any previous exhibitions you may have had..? Also links to your individual blogs/websites if you have them (I will link to the consequences blog elsewhere).

Also, I think because Nexus is quite community-orientated, we should include some sort of interactive piece, even if it's just a table supplying pens and paper, and an invitation to play Lonely Hearts Consequences! What does everyone think?

We should aim to get this proposal done as soon as possible, so please email me the requested information as soon as you can! Thanks very much x

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