Saturday, 31 July 2010

Changed my idea!

Ok, before I was going to work with an idea where I devised a drawing process linked to 'consequences' - drawing from drawings etc etc, drawings being altered and influenced by previous drawings.

I've kinda changed my mind.

It's going to be about bumblebees. I've been seeing them dead everywhere. They are dying out. Numbers are down 60% since 1970.

This affects pollination of plants - certain flowers can only be pollinated by species of bumblebees because of the shape of the flowers and the bumblebees' special long tongues.

Many agricultural crops rely on bumblebees for pollination.

Decline in bees -> decline in certain plants -> decline in certain animals.... Y'know, ecology, food chain stuff.

Since the beginning of summer I have been worrying about all these dead bees, and now feel it's a rather perfect subject for this project - a brilliant example of 'consequences' and a great way to raise awareness. I intend to explore it mainly through drawing but hope there will be some spin-offs, maybe even a bee costume and street performance, if I'm feeling brave!

What do you think?


  1. I like the idea Lani! And feel that the bee costume and street performance is a must! :D haha.

    Its definately a good theme, i can't wait to see what you do for it. :) Will you use any actual dead bees in your work? Im intrigued :) xx

  2. yeh i like this idea too. and i really want to see you dressed as a bee x x

  3. Yeah I want to use some actual dead bees... I have ideas costume-wise, if I can collect enough...
    I want to stitch a load on a white dress, paint my face white and stick some on my face. Then get someone good to take photos. And also wander round and freak a few people out!

    If I can't collect enough real ones, I may have to devise a way of making realistic ones!