Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Ok guys, i just wanted to post and thank everyone for their input at the meetings and with the proposal, because, obviously, this wouldn't be happening without you!

I'm super-excited, the wonderful Freyia has managed to get us an offer from a gallery in Scarborough! WE ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO HAVE AN EXHIBITION! A proper one and everything! I have just emailed the proposal off to the See Gallery, in Crawshawbooth, just a few miles from my village. I will let you know if I hear anything back.

Meanwhile, let's all crack on with some work - hell, I really need to - and if you could all also have a ponder about any potential venues near you, that would be awesome. It would be great to have a venue to correspond with everyone's home town, it really makes sense with the travelling video project.

Speaking of which, I hope everyone is getting on well with the video so far!

Also, we're obviously going to need some money to make this happen, so if anyone has any super fundraising ideas do post them on the blog! Or any super ideas in general, eg things for opening night / exhibition book /musicians / writers. Do keep us up to date.

I will post images of work on here when I have some, and we'd all love it if you could do the same. I may just be repeating Freyia here, my memory is bad....

Anyway, the main thing is, I'm mega-excited and hope you all are too and THANK YOU for making this happen! We can do this, we can be ambitious....

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  1. whos got a big house? can we find someone with a basement, find someone in a band, put their band on in the basement and charge people like a pound to come in?
    would that work?
    or a clothes swap that you pay to get into? or a cake sale? or ..something?