Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Yesterday I emailed a chap named Julian, owner of the the See Gallery, in Rossendale - the area in which I live - with our exhibition proposal. I received a phone call from him earlier today saying he's very interested and asking when we would like to exhibit there! I told him we weren't looking for anything earlier than October, most likely November, so he's going to get back to me within the next week and let me know the dates available - I will keep you posted.

This is so exciting!

I need your thoughts on dates please!

Freyia, with regards to Nutmeg - is it free to exhibit there? I'm definitely up for it, it sounds like Scarborough's answer to Nexus! And six weeks would be brilliant, especially if it's free.

I also emailed Noise Lab:

Thanks for getting in touch with your proposal.
As you know NOISELAB is not open on a regular basis - only for ad-hoc
events and exhibitions. As a result for exhibitions, the Lab needs to be
manned by NOISE Staff for the duration of the exhibitions, which means
exhibitions have to cover staff time and running costs.
As this is the case i don't think we will be able to hold your
exhibition - but i do urge your collective to upload your great work to - it's free and you get your own online portfolio with
your own URL. You can join the other 10,000 growing community of
creatives on there!

Victoria Turnbull
Operations Manager

-----Original Message-----
From: Lani Irving []
Sent: Tue 27/07/2010 23:35
To: labmanager


I am writing to you on behalf of a Manchester-based artistic group
entitled the 'Consequences Collective'. We are currently producing work
for a proposed exhibition on the theme of 'consequences' and thought it
would be well worth contacting you with our proposal (attached).

I know there has been some uncertainty about the future of Noise Lab
with regards to funding and so on, so I understand if you are not
currently looking for any artwork to display - but we would be thrilled
if there are any opportunities for us to use the space!

Many thanks,

Lani Irving,
on behalf of The Consequences Collective

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  1. Nutmeg isn't as studenty as Nexus, but then Scarborough isn't majorly studenty. Plus Nutmeg is VERY small. So Bella's piece may be a problem but I can ask Elaine (the owner) if there is a way around it.
    They didn't mention anything about a cost, but I will ask this also.
    What do you think of the dates they offered us?

    If everyone agrees we could do Woodend in October some time, I could store the work in my house in the attic or shed and the exhibit at Nutmeg, then pick it up and bring it back to Manc, exhibit at See maybe, then Nexus if they say yes.

    What do you think? x x