Saturday, 7 August 2010

Freaking out just a little bit.

Hi guys,

I've been doing some thinking about the project...

Maybe we should stop trying to book places, and aim for Nexus. The dates we've been talking about are really soon and it's kinda panicking me a bit. I feel like there shouldn't be so much pressure when this is our own project and we make the rules.

I love the idea of the touring exhibition, but maybe we should leave that for later on? Hope to get Nexus and take it from there?

There's no rush, we have as long as we want for this, it's OUR project. We could do Manchester, whenever we're ready, then evaluate that in preparation for touring other venues. We could make this a much more long-term project.

It will take the pressure off a bit. We have enough pressures from uni, work and everything else, that it seems illogical to put more pressure on ourselves. I'm not saying it should be so mega-relaxed that nobody finishes any work until next July, but I think maybe we should slow things down just a little bit! I don't know, October just seems really soon... then booking more venues straight after... It panics me rather. Maybe we should just enjoy this project, like Amy said, it is a really good project, then see where we can take it later.

Making it more long-term would also give us more time to fundraise and just generally organise so that everything runs more smoothly. The only deadlines we have for this are from ourselves.

If we don't get Nexus, we can scout other Manchester venues.

I know I'm completely contradicting things I have previously said, but I stopped to think and realised I'd just been caught up in the excitement of it all... Sooner isn't always better.

Let me know what you all think.I've never organised anything like this before, have you? Baby steps just seem easier and more logical. Even if we have to wait for months to exhibit once we've completed the work, it doesn't really matter, does it?

I'm kinda freaking out, feeling like if we book Woodend and See as early as October and November, we may have bitten off a little more than we can chew right now.


  1. i totally agree with this, because for all we know we may need to adjust things, change the look of the exhibition and stuff, i think its important for us to exhibit it at say nexus?and then we can re-evaluate, change things if things don't work how we want etc. seeing as we have no idea about how much space we need, etc etc. so yes, i agree with lani and amy.

  2. hey Lani,

    dont worry and dont panic! as i\ve spoken to you before, I think we're on a similar wave-length.

    im currently re-thinking my original idea and I might end up adapting an idea im working on for the summer-embroidery work. I would rather take my time with it and enjoy it than feel too rushed. Nexus would still be great if we got it!

    what does everyone else think? x

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  4. Thanks guys, glad you agree. I would just hate to have an exhibition we're not 100% proud of in October, rather than wait until April (for example) and show something amazing.

    Indeed, does everyone else agree?

  5. I sent the link to Ruth via facebook and she says she agrees too -

    "yeah, this is pretty much what i wrote in my email. that it is all a bit overwhelming what with all the emails and information all at once, and that maybe we should stick to one venue and keep it a small thing? then if it goes well, we could find other places, elaborate on the project etc"

  6. hey!
    I completely agree with you lani, and with what everyone has posted above - was freaking out slightly myself about the idea of juggling everything!.
    It will be nice to meet in September and see what we've all done, then move forward from there having a better of idea of what the exhibition will be like.

  7. I agree too, Thank you so much Larni for organising so much of this. I agree it would be better to make unrushed work! xx