Wednesday, 30 June 2010


i am unfortunatly having to leave lovely mancytown because i am unemployed! back to the seaside i go to find a job selling icecream or something... hey ho.

just letting you all know, thats where i will be this summer. hope youve checked the film rota!! im sos exited to see what everyones making!!

lots of love

Monday, 28 June 2010

Quite important proposal stuff!

Sorry for the two consecutive posts! Here is a request:

In order to take the proposal further, I'd like to construct a list of all the artists involved, with a brief profile. So could everybody please email me at with one image which you feel represents your artistic practice, and a brief paragraph about what you do and any previous exhibitions you may have had..? Also links to your individual blogs/websites if you have them (I will link to the consequences blog elsewhere).

Also, I think because Nexus is quite community-orientated, we should include some sort of interactive piece, even if it's just a table supplying pens and paper, and an invitation to play Lonely Hearts Consequences! What does everyone think?

We should aim to get this proposal done as soon as possible, so please email me the requested information as soon as you can! Thanks very much x

It has begun!

Just sent Amy her word, the video project has officially started!

Video project

Hello. Here is the running order for the video project...









Check out the facebook page for dates.

Lots of love my lovelies x x

Friday, 25 June 2010

Rough proposal draft - please read and amend!

Already posted this on the Facebook page, but thought it was worth posting on here too... Thoughts and comments would be helpful! Bits in square brackets need informing. Cheers guys x

Exhibition Proposal: ‘Consequences’

‘Consequences’ is a collaborative project by students currently undertaking Manchester School of Art’s [Illustration and Embroidery] courses. The aim is to explore the theme of ‘consequences,’ in its broadest interpretations – from the word game of the same name, descended from the Surrealists’ ‘Exquisite Corpse’, to the exploration of ideas about Heaven and Hell. Each member of the collective [is currently producing / has produced / will produce] a body of individual work based upon their own interpretation and exploration of this theme, from which pieces will be selected to exhibit.

One fundamental section of the project is a collaborative ‘Consequences’ film, produced by each individual creating 30 seconds of footage, according to a given sequence. Each short film is informed by a word provided by the previous film maker in the running order – the first film maker is provided with a word by the last, in order to form a loop with no real end or beginning. The short films will then be collated in this order when the Consequences Collective re-groups in September, producing an experimental collaborative video piece.

The range of work will be diverse, incorporating [drawing, animation, textile work and photography], with the film piece acting as a linking factor between each individual artist. Interpretations of the theme range from the playful and humorous, to the much more dark and serious, as well as more technical explorations of processes associated with the idea of ‘consequences’.

The Artists:

[here I thought maybe we could list all the members of the collective, with an image each, and a short statement about our work. This would probably be best as a separate page from the introduction above]

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Hello my lovelies.
Just a reminded to come to Font on the 20th for the last meeting before summer. We will finalise plans for the collaberative film, discuss personal work and set deadlines.

Please come ready with ideas, however vague. And we will all be able to log onto this as well to post our work in process.

As you all know I need volunteers to interview, make costumes for and style and photograph for my project. Anyone who will be avaliable over summer please let me know of the 20th.

Oh and also post your emails, numbers and addresses on the Facebook group.

Lots of love x x