Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I did this as an initial Idea. Is this too simple as a poster for everyones taste? Its hard to create anything too complex as all our work is so different....

Lemme know what you think. If anyone wants to change/add anything let me know, and i can change it, or i can send you the file and you can have a play around too? 

Lemme know anyway
Jason x

Thursday, 2 December 2010

December Meeting?

Hey guys,

When is our next Consequences meeting?? As i thought we were supposed to have to go through our work with Nexus at the end of November? Anyone know what is happening with that?!

Thanks in advance,

Jason :) x

Monday, 1 November 2010

Next meeting!

4.00, Thursday 4th November, Holden 'cafe' (we use the term loosely)...

Everyone seems to be free then, let me know of any changes!

Friday, 29 October 2010

From Manchester to Leeds (and back again)

These are some screens of my new film that i want to put in the consequences collective! Just thought i should show you guys some stills as i havent actually shown you lot anything i've done yet. Well this is what ive been quietly working away on. Lemme know what you think guys (if anyone is reading) :P

Friday, 22 October 2010

Next Meeting

Next meeting is on Wednesday next week (27th) at 1:30 in the Holden 'cafe' (which isn't really a cafe, just seating, tables and a couple of vending machines).

Hope you can all make it, please let us know ASAP if you realise you can't.

Please do make an effort to be on time - it's much more efficient and better for the group if everyone arrives at the agreed time.

You will probably remember, we also decided that next meeting will include SHOW AND TELL! So bring along whatever you've been working on for this project.



Monday, 18 October 2010


Guys, just to let you know, i've given Lani her word for starting the film consequences. She has a week from today to do hers. I think everyone knows their date from the meeting last week and the running order, but if not, let me know here and i will post a list of the running order, and the dates that you have to have your part of the film finished by.

Thanks guys, Jason x

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


okaaay so....
exhibition will begin 13th of january 2011 at nexus art cafe. meetings are now to be held once weekly on a monday at the venue for one hour. members are ruth, jason, laurence, pearl, lani, jason wiley, tom omeara and myself. let's start using the blog to it's advantage!! x x

Friday, 1 October 2010


I am meeting Emma from Nexus on Tuesday 5th of October. Lani, Laurence and I have requested in exhibit in January but I will be back with you about the details after our meeting. If you would like to come with me to this I would be really grateful. Sorry to hear alot of you are not going to exhibit. Please let me know those of you who are still interested.
So far I know Laurence, Lani, Pearl, Jason and Me are up for exhibiting and Bella, Amy and Bethan have withdrawn. Ruth and Jason please could you get back to me?
Love from Freyia

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Saturday, 25 September 2010


hey there
posted an event for the meeting on fb. please rsvp. i am starting to feel like i am being ignored.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

nexus interested

Hello everyone.
Please can you get in touch asap to tell me when you are back in the city because Nexus want to meet me to discuss exhibiting. Obviously we need a meeting first (and I want to see all your beautiful faces!!) So please email me or call me x x

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Right... I got an idea from all the dead bees I'd been seeing around. Ironically, after I got the idea, I stopped seeing so many dead bees everywhere. Maybe the weather changed or something, I don't know.

If anyone could help me out, I'd really appreciate it... I'm looking for beautiful dead bees in decent condition, dead but not squashed. Please do not kill them; that would be detrimental to my cause! If you find it a bit gross picking up dead insects, I totally understand. And I'm not asking anyone to go out of their way to look for them, just if you happen to come across them and don't mindl please do me this rather weird favour!

I am sorry to say I'm making very little progress with the project, but I will start managing my time better.

Hope you're all getting on well!


Ive finished one of my 5 dodo's, this project has taken way longer than i expected! also ive just realised the video i did, didn't involve a passport photo, so i need to do that again or edit it in or something? i dont know, im completely crap at video.
hope everyones having a nice summer, look forward to seeing what's going on with everyones project!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


is everyone back in manchester. i feel we need a meeting. x x

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Just finished my film, but although my idea I think works, the only camera I managed to film it on is proper grainy and not in a good way, and doesn't show it off. I wouldn't really want to exhibit it really as it is.

I agree with Lani and Amy loads thinking about it about taking this slowly. I really want the work we exhibit to be the best it can be at our level of learning and I think my work is still very much in the experimental stages for this project.

I will bring what I have done so far to the meeting but I think we might need to have a big talk about what we want and timescales and stuff.

Hope your projects are going well

LOTS of love

Monday, 23 August 2010

I've been filming my consequences video over the last couple of days guys. All I can say is that I owe my little brother a big favour...How is everyone else doing? xx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

hi dears.

sorry i havn't written for a while, been in newcastle, and then caught sickness bug from my lovely brothers. yum. vomit aplenty on my end and no work done :(.

will be making film (still havn't done it, naughty naughty) and doing further test shots asap. i will put up some previews of the shots. i would like lots of opinions coz im getting a bit stuck atm with it coz nothing is turning out how i planned. i think i want to do a few photos and scatter hang them? what do you think?

also, i agree about the project moving fast, the only thing is i think maybe leaving woodend is passing up quite a good chance to get our work out there. if you think about it it is the end of october, which gives us a while, then again otherwise we have longer to complete projects....i guess its up to everyone. also, as the exhibition was my idea in the first place, i would like to actually see the end result, and if the first exhibition was on whilst im in budapest i won't be able to. not trying to say i've done all the work for this or anything as lani and jason have been pretty damn amazing, but yeh that's just my thoughts.

love freyia x x

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Freaking out just a little bit.

Hi guys,

I've been doing some thinking about the project...

Maybe we should stop trying to book places, and aim for Nexus. The dates we've been talking about are really soon and it's kinda panicking me a bit. I feel like there shouldn't be so much pressure when this is our own project and we make the rules.

I love the idea of the touring exhibition, but maybe we should leave that for later on? Hope to get Nexus and take it from there?

There's no rush, we have as long as we want for this, it's OUR project. We could do Manchester, whenever we're ready, then evaluate that in preparation for touring other venues. We could make this a much more long-term project.

It will take the pressure off a bit. We have enough pressures from uni, work and everything else, that it seems illogical to put more pressure on ourselves. I'm not saying it should be so mega-relaxed that nobody finishes any work until next July, but I think maybe we should slow things down just a little bit! I don't know, October just seems really soon... then booking more venues straight after... It panics me rather. Maybe we should just enjoy this project, like Amy said, it is a really good project, then see where we can take it later.

Making it more long-term would also give us more time to fundraise and just generally organise so that everything runs more smoothly. The only deadlines we have for this are from ourselves.

If we don't get Nexus, we can scout other Manchester venues.

I know I'm completely contradicting things I have previously said, but I stopped to think and realised I'd just been caught up in the excitement of it all... Sooner isn't always better.

Let me know what you all think.I've never organised anything like this before, have you? Baby steps just seem easier and more logical. Even if we have to wait for months to exhibit once we've completed the work, it doesn't really matter, does it?

I'm kinda freaking out, feeling like if we book Woodend and See as early as October and November, we may have bitten off a little more than we can chew right now.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Dead Fox

I found a dead fox a couple of days ago, and only had my video camera on me and not my actual camera! It had been hit by a car. I have seen so many more dead foxes this summer, as normally there aren't as many, but due to the fox hunting ban, we're a little bit over run with them now here. Anyway, this may seem random, but does anyone think it would be too much to include this imagery in some of my work? It is quite graphic and brutal, so i understand if people wouldn't like it, but my drawings themselves are going to be quite graphic too it seems. Anyway i just thought i'd ask what people think, as i'd really like to use it, but i know others might not want me too? I wont upload it here anyway. But its quite reminiscent of Sam Taylor Wood's work, in particular "A Little Death". If anyone hasn't seen it and wants to watch it, here it is:

I really want to work around the theme of death for sure, as to me its the gravest consequence of life, and one we all in turn will face. Anyway, if people would let me know whether they think this is too much or not, i'd appreciate it :)

Jason E xx

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Changed my idea!

Ok, before I was going to work with an idea where I devised a drawing process linked to 'consequences' - drawing from drawings etc etc, drawings being altered and influenced by previous drawings.

I've kinda changed my mind.

It's going to be about bumblebees. I've been seeing them dead everywhere. They are dying out. Numbers are down 60% since 1970.

This affects pollination of plants - certain flowers can only be pollinated by species of bumblebees because of the shape of the flowers and the bumblebees' special long tongues.

Many agricultural crops rely on bumblebees for pollination.

Decline in bees -> decline in certain plants -> decline in certain animals.... Y'know, ecology, food chain stuff.

Since the beginning of summer I have been worrying about all these dead bees, and now feel it's a rather perfect subject for this project - a brilliant example of 'consequences' and a great way to raise awareness. I intend to explore it mainly through drawing but hope there will be some spin-offs, maybe even a bee costume and street performance, if I'm feeling brave!

What do you think?

Just back from my travels (when I say travels, I only mean as far as the Lake District...but hey!), and its nice to see how far its all going. I have a little reservation about something though, its brilliant that we're investigating other venues, but maybe its an idea to see how one goes down before we make any more commitments? I guess I was thinking about how we could see what people think in September? Looking at the work we've done so far this summer and how we could go forward with it?

I think its brilliant that you guys are being so productive, contacting people, making ourselves known, I guess im just feeling the slight panic with all that's going on this summer, Uni work, travels, other projects etc. I would really like to enjoy the work I make for this one, I don't want to feel stressed by it!

I understand that if we want to put on an exhibition then all this early prep work is needed, I guess im still thinking about the work and ideas I want to explore. Part of me feels like this is becoming more about the exhibition than the work! I know we talked about this at the start, do we do our work first or organise a venue/exhibition, and I guess its still praying on my mind a bit. I had a nice chat with Lani this afternoon and we agree with bits of what im saying. I wouldn't mind hearing what other people think?

Im going to send this in an email/facebook/etc as well, as im unsure to how everyone is communicating...

anyhoo, hope you're all well. Love Amy xxx

right, this is my project so far!
5 modroc/polystreyne dodo's.
theyre all quite small, kind of hand sized, and surprisingly heavy..
pretty rubbish pictures, but you get the idea?!
im going to decorate them all, not sure whether to do them all the same, or each one different?
also, i havent a clue how to display them, i originally thought maybe hang them? any ideas would be welcome!
so thats me updated!

pearl x
hey guys, just a thought here, reckon we should each get business cards to go next to our work? like in real exhibitions? that way if people like what they see they can take one away and stuff? i know theres lots of places you can get your own design on small cards for not too much moneys. what do you reckon?

(also i shall post some pictures of my work so far up later! )

pearl x

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Yesterday I emailed a chap named Julian, owner of the the See Gallery, in Rossendale - the area in which I live - with our exhibition proposal. I received a phone call from him earlier today saying he's very interested and asking when we would like to exhibit there! I told him we weren't looking for anything earlier than October, most likely November, so he's going to get back to me within the next week and let me know the dates available - I will keep you posted.

This is so exciting!

I need your thoughts on dates please!

Freyia, with regards to Nutmeg - is it free to exhibit there? I'm definitely up for it, it sounds like Scarborough's answer to Nexus! And six weeks would be brilliant, especially if it's free.

I also emailed Noise Lab:

Thanks for getting in touch with your proposal.
As you know NOISELAB is not open on a regular basis - only for ad-hoc
events and exhibitions. As a result for exhibitions, the Lab needs to be
manned by NOISE Staff for the duration of the exhibitions, which means
exhibitions have to cover staff time and running costs.
As this is the case i don't think we will be able to hold your
exhibition - but i do urge your collective to upload your great work to - it's free and you get your own online portfolio with
your own URL. You can join the other 10,000 growing community of
creatives on there!

Victoria Turnbull
Operations Manager

-----Original Message-----
From: Lani Irving []
Sent: Tue 27/07/2010 23:35
To: labmanager


I am writing to you on behalf of a Manchester-based artistic group
entitled the 'Consequences Collective'. We are currently producing work
for a proposed exhibition on the theme of 'consequences' and thought it
would be well worth contacting you with our proposal (attached).

I know there has been some uncertainty about the future of Noise Lab
with regards to funding and so on, so I understand if you are not
currently looking for any artwork to display - but we would be thrilled
if there are any opportunities for us to use the space!

Many thanks,

Lani Irving,
on behalf of The Consequences Collective

updates on new venues interested

Nutmeg have literally just rung me back and said we could have the space from the Tuesday 26th of October until December the 7th 2010.

Dates Woodend is avaliable are as follows:
Oct 1st- Oct 13th
Oct 21st- Oct 29th

Jan 3rd- Jan 31st
Mar 1st- Mar 31st

Let me know your thoughts by next week. x x

another venue interested

Hello everyone

Two places in Scarborough are interested. A Cafe called Nutmeg, which is lovely, it is vegetarian/vegan and supports local artwork. All the food is locally sourced or organic and home made and the owners are lovely, and they know me. They said we could exhibit for six weeks starting at the beginning of November, but we have to let her know in two weeks if we are interested. Otherwise we will have to exhibit later in the year.

The other place is a really good space called Woodend Creative space in Scarbororugh. It's a lovely building, a sandstone Edwardian type building amongst overgrown gardens and next to the main art gallery. It used to be a musuem and i I think it still has taxidermy in the basement. When I was little I used to go there are there were hundreds of birds you could walk around.
Anyway they described our proposal as 'fascinating' and are really interested. We could exhibit as early as October, for as long as two weeks or more or for as little as one evening. It's £20 per evening, so four one evening it would be less that £2 each. It would be worth getting it for longer though. If we did decide to do this then we could do bag packing in Sainsburies in Fallowfield or something to raise money. Or do something else sponsored?

Tell me what you think asap as I need to contact the back soon.

Love Freyia x x

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Ok guys, i just wanted to post and thank everyone for their input at the meetings and with the proposal, because, obviously, this wouldn't be happening without you!

I'm super-excited, the wonderful Freyia has managed to get us an offer from a gallery in Scarborough! WE ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO HAVE AN EXHIBITION! A proper one and everything! I have just emailed the proposal off to the See Gallery, in Crawshawbooth, just a few miles from my village. I will let you know if I hear anything back.

Meanwhile, let's all crack on with some work - hell, I really need to - and if you could all also have a ponder about any potential venues near you, that would be awesome. It would be great to have a venue to correspond with everyone's home town, it really makes sense with the travelling video project.

Speaking of which, I hope everyone is getting on well with the video so far!

Also, we're obviously going to need some money to make this happen, so if anyone has any super fundraising ideas do post them on the blog! Or any super ideas in general, eg things for opening night / exhibition book /musicians / writers. Do keep us up to date.

I will post images of work on here when I have some, and we'd all love it if you could do the same. I may just be repeating Freyia here, my memory is bad....

Anyway, the main thing is, I'm mega-excited and hope you all are too and THANK YOU for making this happen! We can do this, we can be ambitious....

test shots for ruth's dream

Hello. Me again. I played around with the props I made today with Hayley Hobden, who is an amazing photographer. She let me borrow her camera. Unfortunatly I am not as pleased with the results as I thought I would. I am going to try doing them again, getting someone to help hold a torch behind the curtain like a moon. I want to try taking the pictures later in the day also so the backdrop goes that funny bluish twilighty colour in the original picture I took of it.

I am also thinking I may take a few pictures and display them by scatter hanging. I want to get some film for my polaroid and experiment taking pictures with that next time as well. Or when I can get some money!

Let me know what you think. I think I may get Hayley to actually take the pictures next time as I am not that brilliant at actually composing and taking photos. I have an idea in my head which I can style okay, but when it comes to capturing it I am rubbish!

I love the photographs on the Vintage Wedding Dress Company website, and those taken by India Hobson. I love how pale and washed out they look, but still glamourous and otherworldly. I feel my pictures look a bit amateurish. Like the photographs you see at Foundation Art exhibitions!

I need some help and opinions.
x x

i have us a potential venue who are really interested

Dear everyone.

Woodend Creative space in my home town of Scarborough are really interested in the exhibition. It is £20 per night to hire their space. They said we could have the space for as little as one day and a night if we like. They have spaces as early as October.

Let me know what you think x x

Monday, 26 July 2010

new film order

Now we have a new boy in the group, Mr Jason Wiley, we have had to jig the order of the video a bit. He's before Lani and after Ruth.

The details are on the fb group x x

starry starry night!

Just a quick post to update you with my personal project and to get feedback.
So far I have created a backdrop of star sequins sewn into constellations on an old bedsheet backdrop. Here it is in all it's shabby £3.99 budget glory! The second image I took without flash, and I really like the colouring/effect created. I love how the light reflects on the sequins.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

exhibition proposal

Dear my beautiful collective of amazingly talented artists and friends,

Thanks to Lani's wonderful help, and my finalising, the proposal is almost ready. I still need statements from Ruth and new boy Jason. If you can't get me them today I could always just put a note in the email to Nexus, saying that there are two other artists involved who were unable to submit statements. I think personally it would look more professional if we had everything done though. Let me know. Today preferrably.

I will send the statement individually to all of you to your emails and fbs to make sure you have it. I would really appriciate comments on the layout, presentation etc. I thought having an artist per page and the layout I have done makes it easier to read and more accesible that it was before, but Lani wasn't sure. Any suggestions would be fabulous.

Also if you notice errors in your own or other's statements please let me know asap.

I want this sent off the Nexus by tommorrow so if you can, make this a priority.

Other business.... I have been thinking about the idea of a launch party, and I think it would be a great way to promote our event and have fun! We could be really creative with it. I have friends who are musical, both singer-songwriters and beat producers who are more than willing to perform. I think it would be a great way for us to promote each other and get our work, whatever creative medium, out there. Let me know what you think. Bella said the Corner offer their venue for stuff like this? I think that would be the perfect place.

Also, thoughts on money. I don't know about you but I am poor! And any money we could get from this would benefit us greatly. I'm thinking a donation box at the event, and putting prices on our work, giving out business cards etc. Cake stalls there, bringing along small crafts to sell. I want to make a few books of my short story and embroider the covers and sell them if time permits. Any profit we make as a team we could split? Let me know what you think about that.

One last thing, sorry for this essay-like post, I have just realised, if we do get Nexus, some of us will be away on Erasmus in Budapest, Bergen and Venice when it opens. I don't know about you but I'd like to be there for the opening and to help curate. I think we should look for other venues as well. I'm up for this show to show at as many venues as possible.

Anyway. I will get on it sending you all PDFs of the proposal. Please get back to me asap

x x

Friday, 23 July 2010

Cold bath

Hello everyone, I’m Jason… kind of jumping in late here I know. Cold bath.
I am really happy to join in with the project, it sounds very interesting! I had a few pieces I was developing since leaving Uni at Leeds but hadn’t had the opportunity to exhibit them - I’m hoping this could be a good time. I live in smog land London now but I’m looking forward to heading north again to help out. I have a few Video pieces you could check out if you like, pretty DIY anti CGI – Its ‘Play’ I am choosing to put forward for the show! Thanks. Jason.

i'm having moon problems

hello. i need an artistic second opinion. please flood me with your comments. basically, as ive said before i am recreating ruth's childhood ambition of playing around on the moon as an astronaut. today i have been embroidering star sequins all over a white backdrop of an old bedsheet. i have cut out silver stars from high shine paper. i will mess around layering these.

my problem is how to deal with the moon! my orginal idea was to construct a 3d moon and cover it in silver glitter, place it in front of a chair and have ruth sit on the chair, giving the impression she is sat on the glittery moon! much like the old moon souvenir photo below. however, i didn't really think what i would make this moon out of? i can't seem to find any card that is big enough and the construction would be too weak out of normal card anyway. carboard from a cardboard box is too small.

however i saw this picture (top below) recently by mmu photography graduate india hobson, and thought the use of shining a light from behind the model gave the impression of a moon. i am thinking of doing this instead? shining a light from behind the backdrop behind ruth's head so it appears like a halo/moon.

what do you think? plus not constructing a moon puts less pressure on me to make more things.

let me know your thoughts
freyia x

Thursday, 22 July 2010

new member and changed to video order

hey there. hope everyone got my email about jason, my friend from home. lani and bella have no issue with him exhibiting with us and joining in the film (slotted in before lani) can i please have everyones okay or opinions asap?
heres a link to jasons blog...


also a message for the beautiful bethan lumb...would you like to still do the video? we can slot you in also before lani finishes?

Friday, 16 July 2010

my project

okaaay. so due to incredibly bad financial situation on my end, and therefore no time due to trying to sort out hours to work etc, i am only going to be able to do one photograph for my project. i have decided to use ruth's dream, sorry pearl, as i have already started to make things for it.
as i have no money i am unable to go to brighton and london (missing working with kirstie mcleod which i am gutted about, as well as seeing ruth =[ ) so i will have to take the actual photos during the first week or so of term.
lani has the proposals. i am absolutely snowed in with stuff to do and in a bit of a panic atm so if she hasnt read my message on fb....please lani will you edit and send to nexus?
hope everyones work is going well. x x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

hi guys, i was thinking of ideas for my own consequences project, and i was thinking maybe something to do with evolution, might draw some dinosaurs.. maybe make some dinosaurs.. etc. as a starting point does that sound alright?!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

it's only a paper moon

okay so i have ideas for my personal response and i wanted to put them out there and see what you think, as it may be too ambitious.

basically, after looking at your questionairre answers, i thought ruth and pearls answers kind of fitted the aesthetic i had in mind for the shoots. so firstly are you guys okay to do it? i figured two shoots would be managable instead of trying to do everyones.

my plan is to make the elements of set/costume here at home, and play around with lighting. my friend orly is a film and media student and she's gonna help with lighting and hopefully by my test model. i will post the photos of trials and that on here so you can give me feedback.

my ideas for the shoots are as follows...

ruth responded to the question saying she wanted to be an astronaut/astronomer, and invisaged herself jumping around the moon in a cool outfit. i intend to get an old white bedsheet and bondaweb some silver stars onto it, cut out silver car stars also which will hang from the ceiling like in old cheesy american proms. i want to make a big paper moon and cover it is silver glitter and attach it to a swing somehow so ruth can sit on the moon like in old moon souvenir pics. think a more handmade version of the florence and the machine video for 'you got the love' crossed with old seaside fancy dress studio photos. i intend to pull together a very dressing up box costume using a fishbowl or something as a helmet.

pearls response was that she wanted to be a ballet dancer. i am really inspired by the film the red shoes. and intend to make a shoot which is similar to the ballet in it. i want to buy some red velvet curtains from charity and drape them like a stage. i want to draw a theatre surround onto card or something maybe, and make a large tutu from some antique wedding veils ive collected for pearl to wear. i want to make a feather headdress too, and maybe some red slippers from silk or something if i have time.

i will post some visuals so you have an idea of the look of the shoot after this post. i want the light to be very pale, and the colour palette to be kind of ghostly, dreamlike and diffused. i want the photos to look staged and playful, but also soft, ethereal and oddly disturbing but beautiful.

ideas? feedback? please help!

love to all and enjoy the sunshine
freyia x x

Wednesday, 30 June 2010


i am unfortunatly having to leave lovely mancytown because i am unemployed! back to the seaside i go to find a job selling icecream or something... hey ho.

just letting you all know, thats where i will be this summer. hope youve checked the film rota!! im sos exited to see what everyones making!!

lots of love

Monday, 28 June 2010

Quite important proposal stuff!

Sorry for the two consecutive posts! Here is a request:

In order to take the proposal further, I'd like to construct a list of all the artists involved, with a brief profile. So could everybody please email me at with one image which you feel represents your artistic practice, and a brief paragraph about what you do and any previous exhibitions you may have had..? Also links to your individual blogs/websites if you have them (I will link to the consequences blog elsewhere).

Also, I think because Nexus is quite community-orientated, we should include some sort of interactive piece, even if it's just a table supplying pens and paper, and an invitation to play Lonely Hearts Consequences! What does everyone think?

We should aim to get this proposal done as soon as possible, so please email me the requested information as soon as you can! Thanks very much x

It has begun!

Just sent Amy her word, the video project has officially started!

Video project

Hello. Here is the running order for the video project...









Check out the facebook page for dates.

Lots of love my lovelies x x

Friday, 25 June 2010

Rough proposal draft - please read and amend!

Already posted this on the Facebook page, but thought it was worth posting on here too... Thoughts and comments would be helpful! Bits in square brackets need informing. Cheers guys x

Exhibition Proposal: ‘Consequences’

‘Consequences’ is a collaborative project by students currently undertaking Manchester School of Art’s [Illustration and Embroidery] courses. The aim is to explore the theme of ‘consequences,’ in its broadest interpretations – from the word game of the same name, descended from the Surrealists’ ‘Exquisite Corpse’, to the exploration of ideas about Heaven and Hell. Each member of the collective [is currently producing / has produced / will produce] a body of individual work based upon their own interpretation and exploration of this theme, from which pieces will be selected to exhibit.

One fundamental section of the project is a collaborative ‘Consequences’ film, produced by each individual creating 30 seconds of footage, according to a given sequence. Each short film is informed by a word provided by the previous film maker in the running order – the first film maker is provided with a word by the last, in order to form a loop with no real end or beginning. The short films will then be collated in this order when the Consequences Collective re-groups in September, producing an experimental collaborative video piece.

The range of work will be diverse, incorporating [drawing, animation, textile work and photography], with the film piece acting as a linking factor between each individual artist. Interpretations of the theme range from the playful and humorous, to the much more dark and serious, as well as more technical explorations of processes associated with the idea of ‘consequences’.

The Artists:

[here I thought maybe we could list all the members of the collective, with an image each, and a short statement about our work. This would probably be best as a separate page from the introduction above]

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Hello my lovelies.
Just a reminded to come to Font on the 20th for the last meeting before summer. We will finalise plans for the collaberative film, discuss personal work and set deadlines.

Please come ready with ideas, however vague. And we will all be able to log onto this as well to post our work in process.

As you all know I need volunteers to interview, make costumes for and style and photograph for my project. Anyone who will be avaliable over summer please let me know of the 20th.

Oh and also post your emails, numbers and addresses on the Facebook group.

Lots of love x x

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

What is this for?

Basically this blog is here so the group can share all the work we are doing over summer for the exhibition online. It will allow those of us who dont know each other so well, still to share our work between us so we can see how everyone is doing. It will also allow us to comment on each others work.

if everyone could just sign up to blogger, or get a google account and sign in, that would be great, and then send me the email address you used to register. I have put a short explanation up on the facebook group Freyia initially set up on how to do this. It will then allow you to sign in to the blog, once i have invited you as an author and you will be able to make posts and upload yourselves.

Thanks in advance