Tuesday, 10 August 2010

hi dears.

sorry i havn't written for a while, been in newcastle, and then caught sickness bug from my lovely brothers. yum. vomit aplenty on my end and no work done :(.

will be making film (still havn't done it, naughty naughty) and doing further test shots asap. i will put up some previews of the shots. i would like lots of opinions coz im getting a bit stuck atm with it coz nothing is turning out how i planned. i think i want to do a few photos and scatter hang them? what do you think?

also, i agree about the project moving fast, the only thing is i think maybe leaving woodend is passing up quite a good chance to get our work out there. if you think about it it is the end of october, which gives us a while, then again otherwise we have longer to complete projects....i guess its up to everyone. also, as the exhibition was my idea in the first place, i would like to actually see the end result, and if the first exhibition was on whilst im in budapest i won't be able to. not trying to say i've done all the work for this or anything as lani and jason have been pretty damn amazing, but yeh that's just my thoughts.

love freyia x x


  1. there is no rush, and i have no objection to waiting until next summer for the actual displaying and exhibiting of work. or at least till you guys are back from your travels, there will be no point in putting it on when youre not here, and im pretty sure no one has that intention. i just think we felt maybe try one venue so we know how its all going to work out before we attempt a second. like, even if we just get one showing before christmas i think that would be an accomplishment.

  2. Yeah I agree with Pearl... and Woodend will (hopefully) still exist next year!