Sunday, 1 August 2010

Dead Fox

I found a dead fox a couple of days ago, and only had my video camera on me and not my actual camera! It had been hit by a car. I have seen so many more dead foxes this summer, as normally there aren't as many, but due to the fox hunting ban, we're a little bit over run with them now here. Anyway, this may seem random, but does anyone think it would be too much to include this imagery in some of my work? It is quite graphic and brutal, so i understand if people wouldn't like it, but my drawings themselves are going to be quite graphic too it seems. Anyway i just thought i'd ask what people think, as i'd really like to use it, but i know others might not want me too? I wont upload it here anyway. But its quite reminiscent of Sam Taylor Wood's work, in particular "A Little Death". If anyone hasn't seen it and wants to watch it, here it is:

I really want to work around the theme of death for sure, as to me its the gravest consequence of life, and one we all in turn will face. Anyway, if people would let me know whether they think this is too much or not, i'd appreciate it :)

Jason E xx


  1. I love it! By the way 'a little death' is another way of saying an orgasm!

  2. i like your labels 'not too nice'

  3. Ahaha i know :P lol. I felt weird videoing a dead fox, it really wasn't nice. :(

    And yeah i heard that too Freyia! Although i'd be scared if someone died while orgasming.... not quite as fun! lol

  4. Hahaaaa ok!

    It's becoming a very dead animal related project, foxes, dodos, bees....

    It's gnarly, but, y'know, it's art... You're allowed to be contraversial, and it's a compliment if your work gets people talking, so I wouldn't worry about it. It's not like you went out and slaughtered a fox for the purpose of art, that would be a whole different debate!

    As for the 'little death' thing... Doesn't that come from a French phrase for orgasm? Not that it's actually relevant/important, it's just that I heard it somewhere too and it's bugging me... i think it was in a film or something?

  5. Yeah it is Lani. "Le Petite Mort" means A Little Death in French, but is actually a phrase they also use for an orgasm. That is one of the only things i ever learnt in GCSE french. That and "enculer un poule" which apparently means go fuck a chicken. haha.

    Yeah thats what i thought, art is about controversy and stuff like that, so i didnt think it would be a problem to include the fox. But i thought i would ask anyway as i didn't want to dedicate myself to the work, and find someone didn't want to put it in the exhibition. lol.