Saturday, 31 July 2010


Just back from my travels (when I say travels, I only mean as far as the Lake District...but hey!), and its nice to see how far its all going. I have a little reservation about something though, its brilliant that we're investigating other venues, but maybe its an idea to see how one goes down before we make any more commitments? I guess I was thinking about how we could see what people think in September? Looking at the work we've done so far this summer and how we could go forward with it?

I think its brilliant that you guys are being so productive, contacting people, making ourselves known, I guess im just feeling the slight panic with all that's going on this summer, Uni work, travels, other projects etc. I would really like to enjoy the work I make for this one, I don't want to feel stressed by it!

I understand that if we want to put on an exhibition then all this early prep work is needed, I guess im still thinking about the work and ideas I want to explore. Part of me feels like this is becoming more about the exhibition than the work! I know we talked about this at the start, do we do our work first or organise a venue/exhibition, and I guess its still praying on my mind a bit. I had a nice chat with Lani this afternoon and we agree with bits of what im saying. I wouldn't mind hearing what other people think?

Im going to send this in an email/facebook/etc as well, as im unsure to how everyone is communicating...

anyhoo, hope you're all well. Love Amy xxx

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  1. Hey Amy.

    Yeh I agree kind of I don't want to be stressed by it either. I think alot of stress would be taken off if everyone shared the workload of organising and stuff.

    As for other venues. I think it's good to have a few lined up for before Nexus, because I's like to see the end result and if we get Nexus it woill be for around January and me and you will be in Budapest.

    I agree that this should be fun and not a big mission. I think we need to communicate better though. I think a big Skype conversation would be really useful.

    Hope you had fun in the Lakes District! What were you doing? x x x x x