Wednesday, 28 July 2010

another venue interested

Hello everyone

Two places in Scarborough are interested. A Cafe called Nutmeg, which is lovely, it is vegetarian/vegan and supports local artwork. All the food is locally sourced or organic and home made and the owners are lovely, and they know me. They said we could exhibit for six weeks starting at the beginning of November, but we have to let her know in two weeks if we are interested. Otherwise we will have to exhibit later in the year.

The other place is a really good space called Woodend Creative space in Scarbororugh. It's a lovely building, a sandstone Edwardian type building amongst overgrown gardens and next to the main art gallery. It used to be a musuem and i I think it still has taxidermy in the basement. When I was little I used to go there are there were hundreds of birds you could walk around.
Anyway they described our proposal as 'fascinating' and are really interested. We could exhibit as early as October, for as long as two weeks or more or for as little as one evening. It's £20 per evening, so four one evening it would be less that £2 each. It would be worth getting it for longer though. If we did decide to do this then we could do bag packing in Sainsburies in Fallowfield or something to raise money. Or do something else sponsored?

Tell me what you think asap as I need to contact the back soon.

Love Freyia x x

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