Friday, 16 July 2010

my project

okaaay. so due to incredibly bad financial situation on my end, and therefore no time due to trying to sort out hours to work etc, i am only going to be able to do one photograph for my project. i have decided to use ruth's dream, sorry pearl, as i have already started to make things for it.
as i have no money i am unable to go to brighton and london (missing working with kirstie mcleod which i am gutted about, as well as seeing ruth =[ ) so i will have to take the actual photos during the first week or so of term.
lani has the proposals. i am absolutely snowed in with stuff to do and in a bit of a panic atm so if she hasnt read my message on fb....please lani will you edit and send to nexus?
hope everyones work is going well. x x


  1. No worries, I will sort it! Rather swamped here too but not in such a dire financial panic so I'm sure I can find time to do it, it won't take long! I will try to do it this week! Also... is Ruth in the facebook group? I don't recall hearing anything from her and don't have a statement from her!

  2. ruth isnt no. jason needs to add . i'm trying to get a statement from her atm. x x