Sunday, 25 July 2010

exhibition proposal

Dear my beautiful collective of amazingly talented artists and friends,

Thanks to Lani's wonderful help, and my finalising, the proposal is almost ready. I still need statements from Ruth and new boy Jason. If you can't get me them today I could always just put a note in the email to Nexus, saying that there are two other artists involved who were unable to submit statements. I think personally it would look more professional if we had everything done though. Let me know. Today preferrably.

I will send the statement individually to all of you to your emails and fbs to make sure you have it. I would really appriciate comments on the layout, presentation etc. I thought having an artist per page and the layout I have done makes it easier to read and more accesible that it was before, but Lani wasn't sure. Any suggestions would be fabulous.

Also if you notice errors in your own or other's statements please let me know asap.

I want this sent off the Nexus by tommorrow so if you can, make this a priority.

Other business.... I have been thinking about the idea of a launch party, and I think it would be a great way to promote our event and have fun! We could be really creative with it. I have friends who are musical, both singer-songwriters and beat producers who are more than willing to perform. I think it would be a great way for us to promote each other and get our work, whatever creative medium, out there. Let me know what you think. Bella said the Corner offer their venue for stuff like this? I think that would be the perfect place.

Also, thoughts on money. I don't know about you but I am poor! And any money we could get from this would benefit us greatly. I'm thinking a donation box at the event, and putting prices on our work, giving out business cards etc. Cake stalls there, bringing along small crafts to sell. I want to make a few books of my short story and embroider the covers and sell them if time permits. Any profit we make as a team we could split? Let me know what you think about that.

One last thing, sorry for this essay-like post, I have just realised, if we do get Nexus, some of us will be away on Erasmus in Budapest, Bergen and Venice when it opens. I don't know about you but I'd like to be there for the opening and to help curate. I think we should look for other venues as well. I'm up for this show to show at as many venues as possible.

Anyway. I will get on it sending you all PDFs of the proposal. Please get back to me asap

x x


  1. Hey Freyia. The proposal looks great to be honest, i'm not really sure how much i can help you with that as i don't think there is much that needs changing. Only thing i would suggest is getting rid of the green borders around artist bio's as i think it breaks up the page a bit. the clean white page might look nicer due to the whole design of the proposal. Other than that it looks great. Thanks Freyia and Lani :)

    Secondly, the idea of a opening party is a great one. It would be very good indeed if maybe we can get a singer songwriter to perform. maybe something nice and pretty and acoustic? My flatmate Jess, also on Illustration has an acoustic act with her boyfriend John. Im sure they'd love to do it for us, it's the type of performances they'd like :)

    And finally, who is actually away for Erasmus? As i'm not totally sure who is away etc? Would be good if you could let me know. I know Bethan will be but thats about all i know. And yes, it would be good to start looking for other places. As soon as im back in Manchester i will start keeping my eye out for places we could do it. We could also maybe contact Triangle? Some people last year did an exhibition in a space there, so it is possible.

    And yes to the money thing! I am definately putting prices on my work and trying to sell them. I need all the pennies i can get! xxx

  2. Launch party sounds great. In terms of venue, wouldn't it make sense to have it at Nexus?

  3. yep nexus would be an idea for the exhibit there, but that is in january, and it would be quite good if we could get venues earlier as well as nexus and have an opening party for those?

    about erasmus, i am away, as is laurence, bethan and amy.

    laurence said hed get on it when hes back in manc (twenty somethingth of august) looking of other venues, so you two could work together on that if you like. you could go round handing in proposals to places and emailing them? get in touch with him maybe. he goes to france tommorrow, but give him a text tonight maybe? make sure that you guys keep in touch with us about places you've found/developments x x

  4. Cool yeah i'll get in contact with him about it. Im sure if we take a wander around northern quarter and the like when we're back we'll find a few more places that might take it! xx

  5. hey, the proposal sounds great. sorry I didn't text you last night Freyia. Thanks to both you and Lani, we've got everything going!

    I think the proposal looked really professional, im so pleased to be taking part in it! Sorry I havent been of more help, as with everyone I guess, its been hard to keep track of everything, travelling round the country! Im going to be away for the rest of this week, but then hopefully I will be able to give more time to this project (and the millions of other things I need to do!)

    I like the idea of a launch party, but maybe we need to wait to hear back from places? Also, I dont know if we might be jumping the gun a bit looking for other places to apply? Its great that we've sent the proposal to Nexus, but maybe we should wait and see what the response from that is/also maybe waiting till we re-group in septemeber? That way we can look at what everyone has been doing properly and just see how people are feeling about it all?

    I dont know, im just thinking about it all at the moment!

    anyhoo, im off to try and cross things off my never-ending list! Im going to try and post something to do with my ideas on here tomorrow, got thinking about a few things whilst I was in Ireland. xxx