Friday, 23 July 2010

i'm having moon problems

hello. i need an artistic second opinion. please flood me with your comments. basically, as ive said before i am recreating ruth's childhood ambition of playing around on the moon as an astronaut. today i have been embroidering star sequins all over a white backdrop of an old bedsheet. i have cut out silver stars from high shine paper. i will mess around layering these.

my problem is how to deal with the moon! my orginal idea was to construct a 3d moon and cover it in silver glitter, place it in front of a chair and have ruth sit on the chair, giving the impression she is sat on the glittery moon! much like the old moon souvenir photo below. however, i didn't really think what i would make this moon out of? i can't seem to find any card that is big enough and the construction would be too weak out of normal card anyway. carboard from a cardboard box is too small.

however i saw this picture (top below) recently by mmu photography graduate india hobson, and thought the use of shining a light from behind the model gave the impression of a moon. i am thinking of doing this instead? shining a light from behind the backdrop behind ruth's head so it appears like a halo/moon.

what do you think? plus not constructing a moon puts less pressure on me to make more things.

let me know your thoughts
freyia x


  1. Yeah i like the shining light idea! Particularly if you have stars and stuff already, they will help make the light really look much more like the moon :) Is there anyway you could kind of make a semi transparent sort of material to shine the light through? So it kind of has some texture, which could make it look more moonlike? Then you could make it kind of shadowy, with craters and things? :) Maybe, maybe not. :P lol. x

  2. thats an idea. although i quite like the simplicity of just a light. i am doing some test shots hopefully tommorrow so i'll post them next week x x