Tuesday, 27 July 2010

test shots for ruth's dream

Hello. Me again. I played around with the props I made today with Hayley Hobden, who is an amazing photographer. She let me borrow her camera. Unfortunatly I am not as pleased with the results as I thought I would. I am going to try doing them again, getting someone to help hold a torch behind the curtain like a moon. I want to try taking the pictures later in the day also so the backdrop goes that funny bluish twilighty colour in the original picture I took of it.

I am also thinking I may take a few pictures and display them by scatter hanging. I want to get some film for my polaroid and experiment taking pictures with that next time as well. Or when I can get some money!

Let me know what you think. I think I may get Hayley to actually take the pictures next time as I am not that brilliant at actually composing and taking photos. I have an idea in my head which I can style okay, but when it comes to capturing it I am rubbish!

I love the photographs on the Vintage Wedding Dress Company website, and those taken by India Hobson. I love how pale and washed out they look, but still glamourous and otherworldly. I feel my pictures look a bit amateurish. Like the photographs you see at Foundation Art exhibitions!

I need some help and opinions.
x x


  1. Hello lovely! Thanks for all the exciting updates! Hooray for exhibiting in Scarborough!!! Fingers crossed for Nexus!

    With regards to these photos, I really like the second and the ninth ones!

    Some of them are less successful, but I think it's worth taking the photographs yourself... I think because you've created props/costume and styled the whole thing yourself, taking the photo really finishes it off as being something which is entirely yours... I think it will feel more like your baby if you take the photos yourself! I think some of your photos from other projects that I've seen on your blog have a really beautiful, ethereal feel to them, which is distinctly Freyia.

    But it's up to you! If you don't like the photos you take, then don't use them because you can't exhibit something you're not proud of. But I personally think you're up to the standard :)

  2. Hey Freyia love! I really like the style of these pics (they remind me of our little photo shoot :)

    I think that the light on some of them is wrong but I love the dreamlike quality to them and combo of pale colours with metallic sparkle!

    Keep up the good work
    Love BECKYBOO xxxx

  3. i love the 7th one down. that one is the best definitely :) x

  4. I really like the 1st and the 7th photos! xxx