Thursday, 1 July 2010

it's only a paper moon

okay so i have ideas for my personal response and i wanted to put them out there and see what you think, as it may be too ambitious.

basically, after looking at your questionairre answers, i thought ruth and pearls answers kind of fitted the aesthetic i had in mind for the shoots. so firstly are you guys okay to do it? i figured two shoots would be managable instead of trying to do everyones.

my plan is to make the elements of set/costume here at home, and play around with lighting. my friend orly is a film and media student and she's gonna help with lighting and hopefully by my test model. i will post the photos of trials and that on here so you can give me feedback.

my ideas for the shoots are as follows...

ruth responded to the question saying she wanted to be an astronaut/astronomer, and invisaged herself jumping around the moon in a cool outfit. i intend to get an old white bedsheet and bondaweb some silver stars onto it, cut out silver car stars also which will hang from the ceiling like in old cheesy american proms. i want to make a big paper moon and cover it is silver glitter and attach it to a swing somehow so ruth can sit on the moon like in old moon souvenir pics. think a more handmade version of the florence and the machine video for 'you got the love' crossed with old seaside fancy dress studio photos. i intend to pull together a very dressing up box costume using a fishbowl or something as a helmet.

pearls response was that she wanted to be a ballet dancer. i am really inspired by the film the red shoes. and intend to make a shoot which is similar to the ballet in it. i want to buy some red velvet curtains from charity and drape them like a stage. i want to draw a theatre surround onto card or something maybe, and make a large tutu from some antique wedding veils ive collected for pearl to wear. i want to make a feather headdress too, and maybe some red slippers from silk or something if i have time.

i will post some visuals so you have an idea of the look of the shoot after this post. i want the light to be very pale, and the colour palette to be kind of ghostly, dreamlike and diffused. i want the photos to look staged and playful, but also soft, ethereal and oddly disturbing but beautiful.

ideas? feedback? please help!

love to all and enjoy the sunshine
freyia x x


  1. Sounds very ambitious but good!
    If it starts to look like doing two will be a struggle, just pick one and do it beautifully rather than letting them both suffer!

  2. sounds good and i would love to do it!