Thursday, 22 July 2010

new member and changed to video order

hey there. hope everyone got my email about jason, my friend from home. lani and bella have no issue with him exhibiting with us and joining in the film (slotted in before lani) can i please have everyones okay or opinions asap?
heres a link to jasons blog...


also a message for the beautiful bethan lumb...would you like to still do the video? we can slot you in also before lani finishes?


  1. That sounds cool. Can we just start putting second names after the name Jason though as i keep getting confused for a moment. hahaha. x

  2. hahaha yeh! jason one and jason two maybe. you of course will be my jasion number one =] x x

  3. Not many Jason's around! Hello Jason. So I'm Jason Double You - Jason Wiley!! nice one.